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A finished good is a product that is fully sewn or otherwise assembled and is ready for use by the end-user.

Antimicrobial disposable wipes Lab coats Sterile packaging/Sterilization wrap
Blood pressure cuffs Lateral air transfer mattress Surgical drapes
Medical/surgical face masks Surgical gowns
Medical bandages Surgical sponges
Medical beds
Medical equipment bags Textile components of heart monitoring devices
Medical gauze Towels
Head Covers Patient lifting systems (slings) Triage/medical tents
Healthcare-related filtration materials Patient restraint/safety straps
Hospital bed sheets/pillowcases Scrub suits
Hospital privacy curtains Shoe covers


An input in this context is upstream materials, such as fibers and/or resins, nonwovens, knit/woven fabrics and yarns, that is necessary for the construction of a finished good.

Antimicrobial disposable wipes
Surgical gowns
Medical equipment bags
Medical gauze


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Last updated June 23, 2020