Meet the members of 亿博体育app and hear about the benefits of membership in their own words. Members come from all over the world and from every market segment, and each brings a unique view on the industry.


Innovating for the end user: John Delaloye, Diamond Brand Gear

October 2020

John Delaloye combines Diamond Brand Gear鈥檚 history and reputation with a strategy that focuses on doing what lower-priced competitors can鈥檛.

"To some extent, we don鈥檛 view ourselves as a traditional outdoors company. Our end users are out for longer stays, they want more durable products, and they鈥檙e thinking about different things relative to performance. But our philosophy is that we want everyone to have access to camping, so we want products that aren鈥檛 intimidating to anyone. "

- John Delaloye, CEO of from Asheville, N.C.

Science and art: Barry Adams, Peachtree Awnings

August 2020

Barry Adams finds his passion in the science and art of leading two growing awning companies.

"We try to be solution sellers. When we go into a sales situation, we look at the problem the customer is trying to solve. If you solve their problem, then you will most definitely have a satisfied customer. "

- Barry Adams, Owner of from Norcross, Ga.

Strategy for Growth: Jan Kellogg, CCP Manufacturing

July 2020

Jan Kellogg looks at the big picture for each job that CCP Manufacturing takes on, leading the company into new markets.

"My way of growing the company was that when someone came to us asking for a product, I would evaluate that product, as in, 鈥淒oes this have scalability? Is this used in a wide range of the marketplace? Is it something we should try to expand upon beyond this one customer?鈥"

- Jan Kellogg, President of from Columbus, OH

On location: Kevin Greenwood, Stage Tops USA

June 2020

Stage Tops USA owner/CEO Kevin Greenwood takes his show on the road, manufacturing and installing massive fabric projects for the world鈥檚 biggest live events.

"Modern technology is great, but it鈥檚 also a hindrance. Too many people rely on a computer. I still draw with my scale ruler. "

- Kevin Greenwood, Owner/CEO of from Manchester, Tenn.

The happiness equation: Patrick Howe, Wholesale Shade

April 2020

For Patrick Howe and Wholesale Shade, high-quality custom shade sails are the product of a happy and efficient workplace.

"The highest level of employee happiness comes from knowing that the job you do is important, that your opinion counts and you are included in the decision-making of the company. "

- Patrick Howe, Owners of from San Marcos, Calif.

Restoration specialist: Bob Grambsch, Canvas Replacements/ Camper & Recreation Inc.

March 2020

Bob Grambsch leads Canvas Replacements in rejuvenating The Trailer camping market with new, high-quality tent tops.

"Back in 鈥91 or 鈥92 I would wonder how long this would last鈥攚hen would we run out of campers to cut and recanvas? It hasn鈥檛 happened yet. "

- Bob Grambsch, President of from Loyal, Wis.

Open to change: David Callahan, Granite State Cover & Canvas Inc.

February 2020

After jumping from the food industry to truck tarps, David Callahan targets customers who value quality and innovation over price.

"There are friendly competitors and there are not-so-friendly competitors. I talk openly and honestly with a lot of my competitors about the issues we are having."

- David Callahan, Owners of from Plaistow, N.H.

Investing in Excellence: Kathryn Maisto, Fairwinds Canvas LLC

January 2020

Kathryn Maisto mastered her marine canvas skills over a lifetime and across oceans, and now she鈥檚 training a new generation.

"I want an employee to be able to go out on a boat and pattern, I want them to be able to fabricate, and I want them to be able to install. That is what makes my business run so smoothly."

- Kathryn Maisto, Owners of from Racine, WI

A culture that clicks: Kent Lammers, Polo Custom Products

December 2019

Polo Custom Products excels at partnerships, offering clients a full range of supply chain services.

"Manufacturing 4.0 and IoT are not fads, and they are going forward and here to stay. "

- Kent Lammers, President and CEO of from Topeka, Kansas

Always innovating: Kathy Schaefer, Glawe Awnings and Tents

November 2019

New 亿博体育app board chair Kathy Schaefer shares her vision for an organization that helps its members navigate a changing industry landscape.

"When you see something that replaces what you are having a heck of a time doing, you鈥檝e got to snap it up. It鈥檚 all about production levels and efficiency."

- Kathy Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer of from Fairborn, Ohio

The Long View: Tom Auer, Bearse USA

October 2019

Tom Auer strives to put bearse usa鈥攁nd the U.S. sewing industry鈥攐n a firm foundation.

"One thing I try my best to do is to make sure my employees have all the right resources to do their jobs well. I don鈥檛 want them to feel like they can鈥檛 do their jobs because they are waiting for a decision from me or haven鈥檛 been provided the right tools."

- Tom Auer, President of from Chicago, IL

Challenge accepted: Pete Mogavero, Anchor Industries Inc.

September 2019

Pete Mogavero leads the team at Anchor Industries to meet today鈥檚 market demands for quality, craftsmanship, speed and customization.

"We鈥檝e been on a lean journey for 10 years. Our customers are in an environment where they can鈥檛 say no. They鈥檝e got to give their clients a 鈥榶es鈥 response, so we have to do the same. Our challenge is to do it faster. We have a strong bias for speed. And we鈥檙e not scared of challenges. In fact, I would be scared by the lack of challenges. "

- Pete Mogavero, President of from Evansville, IN

Staying the course: Carl Pellegrini, SeaCanvas

August 2019

By building his business slowly, Carl Pellegrini keeps SeaCanvas focused on quality, creativity and customer service.

"I will never feel like I should grow SeaCanvas quickly just to grow my business in my area even though the opportunity might be there to have a larger shop. I like to take it in moderation."

- Carl Pellegrini, Owner of from Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

A bright future: Colin Touhey, Pvilion

July 2019

Pvilion鈥檚 Colin Touhey is working to forge strategic partnerships to integrate photovoltaic technology into all kinds of fabric products.

"Every person in the world has a phone that needs to be charged. And every person in the world has access to fabric. They might be in a tent, they might have an awning, they are definitely wearing clothes. The access to phones has driven the requirement for mobile power."

- Colin Touhey, CEO of from Brooklyn, N.Y.

On a Mission: Michele Quadri-Butterfield, Al鈥檚 Awning Shop Inc.

June 2019

Michele Quadri-Butterfield was raised in the business founded by her grandparents. Today, she鈥檚 the 鈥渕other force鈥 of Al鈥檚 Awning Shop.

"Every day, I say, 鈥榃hat fabric solution are you providing today? What exceptional product are you going to put out today? How are you providing customer service today?鈥"

- Michele Quadri-Butterfield, Owner of from Erie, Pa.

Personal Trainer: Kimber Buglass, Chairman Motor Trimmers and Upholsterers Ltd.

May 2019

With a growing business and a dearth of skilled labor, Kimber Buglass trains his own employees, fostering project ownership and pride in the job.

"I find our system works really well: 鈥業t鈥檚 your job; you see it through. If you want help, you get the other team members in the factory to come and give you a hand." So that鈥檚 our point of difference. I think that鈥檚 where we turn the work over quicker."

- Kimber Buglass, Owner and managing director of from Napier, New Zealand

Crafting Shade: Emilio Petrongolo and Jocelyne Jabre, Auvents Ombrasole Awnings

April 2019

OmbraSole designs, manufactures and installs awnings of all types for North American climates - many of which feature Emilio Petrongolo鈥檚 custom and patented motors.

"My greatest accomplishment will always be the satisfaction of our customers, who greatly appreciate our products for their modern look and ease of use."

- Emilio Petrongolo and Jocelyne Jabre, Director of Marketing and Research and Development - President of from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You're covered: Shane Cossette, TRS Industries

March 2019

Shane Cossette and his staff respond to customers with the right fabrics, the right installation and the right people, improving existing products and inventing new ones.

"I take things on as they come up because it鈥檚 hard to explain a situation that鈥檚 not there鈥攅specially with as much diversity as we have. We just break the project down to see where it could fail, or where it is failing, and find a way to improve it."

- Shane Cossette, COO of from Fargo, N.D.

A strong serve: Paul Aumento, Creative Textile Solutions LTD.

February 2019

Paul Aumento relies on both his employees and his customers to keep Creative Textile Solutions LTD. a responsive, market-driven, value-added manufacturer.

"New ideas are very important. In order to have the employees fulfill themselves, as well as provide input to the company, we have to be open-minded to their ideas."

- Paul Aumento, Co-owner and President of from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Unforgettable: Melynda Norman-Lee, J J L Events

January 2019

Melynda Norman-Lee brings tented events to life by envisioning the big picture, organizing her team and staying FLexible鈥攚ith gratitude to an industry icon.

"Early communication encourages people to come to me with ideas and suggestions, or just take something and run with it. If they鈥檝e got the big picture and are not just focusing on their little part of it鈥攖hen the outcome is better all the way around."

- Melynda Norman-Lee, Event Project Manager of from Toronto, Ont., Canada