Meet the members of 亿博体育app and hear about the benefits of membership in their own words. Members come from all over the world and from every market segment, and each brings a unique view on the industry.


Going the distance: Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Co.

December 2018

Rob Kotowski rebuilds the family business with his father鈥檚 guidance and a commitment to quality and communication.

"I think the biggest thing in selling jobs is being able to communicate in such a way that you put the customer in a comfort zone鈥攁 place where they understand exactly what you鈥檙e trying to sell them."

- Rob Kotowski, Owner and president of from Saint Clair Shores, Mich.

A commitment to growth: Don Alhanati, CustomFab USA

November 2018

Don Alhanati uses automation and lean manufacturing principles to ensure market diversity and continuous growth for CustomFab USA.

"It was ingrained in me that in manufacturing, if you鈥檙e short one component, you can鈥檛 build something. If you鈥檙e short even one screw, you can鈥檛 complete the product."

- Don Alhanati, Founder and President of from Garden Grove, Calif.

Riding the pendulum: Taylor Bigley, Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire

October 2018

Taylor Bigley embraces teamwork and strategic thinking to meet the changes and trends of an ever-evolving industry.

"Architects sometimes draw beautiful sails that cannot be made鈥攖his requires us to be artists, teachers and engineers. Renaissance people are hard to find."

Strength in Movement: Harold Warner, Dynamic Air Shelters

September 2018

Harold Warner is working to develop inflatable blast-resistant structures that are more protective than those of steel鈥攚ith industry help.

"Our strength matched with the strength of others is twice as able. Our desire is to make ourselves stronger by partnering with others who have strengths or abilities in other parts of the world."

- Harold Warner, Majority owner and president of Dynamic Air Shelters from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Fearless and Focused: Nigel Richings, Undercover Canvas and Awnings Inc.

August 2018

Nigel Richings combines a hands-on, solution-minded approach and a vision for excellence to keep his custom canvas and awning business growing.

"No matter what kind of workshop you have鈥攚hether it鈥檚 a metal workshop or awning shop or a sail loft鈥攊t鈥檚 important to take into account the appearance. It matters what the customer sees when they place an order."

Big Picture: Geoff Kilmer, PhotoWorksGroup

June 2018

Geoff Kilmer keeps his business thriving in an ever-changing industry by matching emerging graphics technologies with niche clients.

"If your equipment is sitting idle, that鈥檚 a negative cash flow. The key is to keep your equipment running."

- Geoff Kilmer, Founder and CEO of PhotoWorksGroup from Charlottesville, Va.

Like-minded Leadership: Mike, Joe and Dan Reilly, Miami Awning Co.

May 2018

Mike, Joe and Dan Reilly approach the gradual transfer of company leadership with respect, integrity and a sense of humor.

"Because the fabric is removable, awnings don鈥檛 have to take the full wind load. As a group we were eventually able to change the South Florida Building Code and later the Florida Building Code to include some leeway for fabric awnings."

Of fabrics and physics: Amy Poe, Wyckam

April 2018

Amy Poe uses systematic problem-solving and a willingness to explore new markets to build a marine canvas business into a custom industrial sewing shop.

"The marine market here in Portland is fairly limited. By adding industrial, residential and commercial projects we picked up architects, engineers and landscape designers as clients鈥攁nd now our market is much bigger."

- Amy Poe, Owner of Wyckam from Portland, Ore.

Dream big: David Murray, Fiesta Tents Ltd.

March 2018

Inspired by tented horse stalls at an Olympic Games, David Murray launched a tent business that has evolved far beyond those initial dreams鈥攁nd keeps evolving.

"I had a great staff, and hired more. It gave me time to hand over the day-to-day side of the rental business and devote myself to R&D and design."

- David Murray, Founder/President of Fiesta Tents Ltd. from Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Architectural adventure: Alan Bair, Pacific Yurts Inc.

February 2018

Alan Bair launched his career living off-grid in a yurt, and used his passion for the structures to build a business and define a market.

"Since we were young, adventurous and just starting out, we decided to live in the yurt for a while and get better acquainted with the land. When a local news article featured our yurt, people started to call and ask if I could build one for them. Eventually word spread and a business was born."

Riding the wind: Liz Diaz, North Beach Marine Canvas

January 2018

Liz Diaz designs inspired boat interiors鈥攁nd is applying that expertise to bring shelter to the homeless.

"I don鈥檛 just make boat cushions鈥擨 transform the space. I like to think of myself as a life stylist."

Trailblazer: Bill Coppins, W.A. Coppins Ltd.

December 2017

Bill Coppins guides a canvas shop from its roots in production to a design and development powerhouse.

"We鈥檙e only a small town of 7,500 people, which makes it a bit harder because you鈥檙e limited with what you can turn over."

To the point: Steve Ellington, Trivantage LLC

November 2017

New 亿博体育app board chair Steve Ellington shares his vision for a strong and relevant industry.

"亿博体育app鈥檚 board is always made up of a balance of suppliers, manufacturers, small companies, large companies and different market segments. Having that kind of diversity on the board is critical because our member companies are diverse."

From good to great: Lloyd Verduyn, Verduyn Tarps

October 2017

Lloyd Verduyn embraces the challenge of continuous improvement to create and refine products that become the gold standard of the tarping industry.

"Before I first made a tarping system, I took the time to talk to drivers. They鈥檙e the ones who use the systems."

- Lloyd Verduyn, President and Owner of Verduyn Tarp from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

From foundation to future: Elissa Decker, Moss Inc.

September 2017

Elissa Decker uses her expertise in fabric manufacturing to help Moss Inc., a leader in tension fabric branding, drive global growth and lead performance trends.

"Sometimes projects seem so daunting and overwhelming and it鈥檚 hard to envision the finish line. It鈥檚 important to have a process you can follow so I create a project plan with action items for everything I can think of that needs to happen. Usually it鈥檚 a pretty long list."

- Elissa Decker, Senior manager of materials of Moss Inc. from Chicago, Ill.

Winds of change: Chad Miller, American National Mfg. Inc.

August 2017

Chad Miller and his family adjust to changing market demands through creativity, asking the right questions, understanding regulations鈥攁nd doing the math.

"So it鈥檚 not just important to know what your customer knows. It鈥檚 as important, if not more, to know what they don鈥檛 know because they could be leading you to a path of liability. "

If people, then profit: Mike Peterson, SugarHouse Awning Industries

July 2017

Mike Peterson restructures an awning company鈥檚 culture by asking hard questions, collaborating on the answers, and fearlessly changing the rules.

"I wanted to help management understand that if they could step back from their work, 鈥榮harpen their axe鈥 and start managing, we could get more work done with a lot less stress, and also become more profitable."

Guts, glory and the next generation: Kate Mitchell, NOMAR

June 2017

Kate Mitchell transitions her diverse fabrics business on the Alaskan frontier to her children鈥攚ho value a courageous past and anticipate a bright future.

"鈥楧on鈥檛 sub out your work. If you want the profits, you want to be in control. You鈥檙e just going to have to set up and manufacture it yourself.鈥"

- Kate Mitchell, Owner of NOMAR from 亿博体育appr, Alaska

Mastering the craft: Jerry Margrave, Specialty Trim & Awning Inc.

May 2017

Jerry Margrave keeps his company on track by staying on top of industry skills, technology and opportunities to solve customer problems.

"Having my MFC has opened the door for me to explain my expertise to potential clients many times over."

From the ground up: Cheryl Yennaco, Atlantic Awning

April 2017

Cheryl Yennaco rebuilds a business by making the tough decisions, hiring the right team and setting meaningful and measurable goals.

"I don鈥檛 wait to make the tough decision to let someone go if I know it鈥檚 not going to work out. I can usually tell in a week or two if they鈥檙e not going to be a good fit."

- Cheryl Yennaco, Owner and General Manager of Atlantic Awning from Melrose, Mass.