Certification Program 鈥 POSTPONED

The Certification program is postponed due to COVID-19, and we are not accepting new applicants until May 2021.

We are still accepting recertification. To recertify complete this .

In order to maintain your hard-earned certification designation, you need to accumulate 15 credits within a three-year time frame.

Board or Committee Member

Serve as an 亿博体育app/division board member or committee member

  • 1 credit per board
  • Maximum of 5 credits


Attend an 亿博体育app-approved educational workshop/symposium

  • 2 Credits per full day (1/2 day=1 credit)
  • Maximum of 4 credits

亿博体育app Awards Programs

Enter Awards Competition

  • 1 credit per entry
  • Maximum of 5 credits
  • 1 additional credit per winning entry


Serve as a judge for an 亿博体育app awards program

  • 1 credit per competition judged
  • Maximum of 5 credits

Serve as a judge for the 亿博体育app certification program

  • 1 credit per applicant judged
  • Maximum of 5 credits


Serve as a buddy for an 亿博体育app certification candidate (MFC and CC re-certification only)

  • 1 credit per year
  • Maximum of 5 credits


Be a presenter at an 亿博体育app educational workshop/symposium or host a show tour and/or serve as a tour guide

  • 2 credits per presentation/tour
  • Maximum of 10 credits

Written Article

Write an article for any industry magazine or newsletter

  • 1 credit per article
  • Maximum of 10 credits

Technical College/Community College/ University Course

  • 1 credit per course
  • Maximum 5 credits

For more information please contact:

Heather Barrett
Divisions Assistant